Villa Bachelor

Three-storey villa to the north on the property. Each floor is a large, fully equipped, high standard apartment with all facilities. The apartments are named with the letter A in front. The upper floor (A3) is not available for rent as this is where our hosts lives. Our hosts are there to make sure everything is ok for our guests. They clean and prepare the villa and the apartments in between guests, they welcome new guests and they clean the pool and the outdoor area whenever guests are present. The areas available for our guests includes the high ground floor, apartment A1, and the first floor, apartment A2.

The villa has a nicely prepared outdoor area with a large and deep swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen / dining area, an outdoor shower, an outdoor toilet and sun loungers available to guests.

When renting a single apartment (A1 or A2), the outdoor area and the pool is shared with one other guest family. When renting the entire villa, our guests have both apartments at their disposal and the outdoor area with the pool completely to themselves.