Upgrades for the 2023-season

We try to improve our service slightly, year by year. Two such improvements have been made before this summer season:

New stairs from the A1 front terrace to the pool area:

Guests staying in A1 no longer have to exit the main entrance and walk around the villa to get to the pool area. Just walk out the sliding doors from the living room to the front terrace and continue down to the pool.

New fixed sun shading:

We all love the sun in Vodice, but shade is still needed now and then. The wind in Vodice makes sun shading difficult at times. We have offered parasols for our guests the past years and tried the best we can to secure them with heavy stones and ropes, but this has not proven to be a great, lasting solution. This year we can present a better, fixed solution for sun shading. Great for sun shading on our top terraces and at both pool areas.

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Spring 2022

In Vodice spring has taken over. The flowers are sprouting, and the temperature is over 20 degrees celsius already.

We still have good capacity for large parts of the season. For those of you who have the opportunity to go on holiday anytime, we especially recommend travelling to Vodice early (April / May / June) or in late summer (September / October).

So, if you are longing for sunshine and warmth, do not hesitate to contact us:-)

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Spring is well underway in Vodice

Here in Norway, we are hit by a new cold wave as we reach the end of April.

In Vodice spring took over quite a while ago. Admittedly, it is a little colder than it usually is so late in April, but the flowers are sprouting, and the temperature will soon cross 20 degrees for good.

We still have good capacity for large parts of the season. For those of you who have the opportunity to go on holiday anytime, we especially recommend travelling to Vodice early (May / June) or in late summer (September).

Unfortunately, Covid-19 still hangs over us and will continue to do so a while longer. For most of you, much is still unclear, regarding issues such as vaccination time and quarantine regulations. We understand quite well that it is risky to commit to a specific holiday time as early as now. This spring and summer, we therefore offer non-binding reservations up to 14 days before departure.

So, if you are longing for sunshine and warmth, do not hesitate to contact us:-)

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Happy New Year!

We are now opening our holiday homes for rent for the summer of 2021. The first shipments of vaccine against Covid-19 have started and we all hope the next summer will be slightly more normal than the summer has been the past year.

Much is still uncertain. Most of us do not know when we can be vaccinated and no one knows exactly what the infection situation will be like at the beginning of next summer. In this situation, we understand the difficulty in committing to a rental order.

If you book with us, we do not require any payment at the time of booking. We will reserve your desired apartment for the time period you request and await your final decision no later than right after the Easter holiday next year. If you at that point decide that you do not have the opportunity to travel, we will cancel the booking at no cost to you.

In any case, we will do everything we can to ensure our guests a safe stay in accordance with all advice and requirements the Croatian authorities address to private landlords.

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Sources for verified information about Covid-19 in Croatia

Daily updated statistics from the government: https://www.koronavirus.hr/en

Wikipedia pages including statistics on a county level: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_in_Croatia (scroll down a little below the middel of the page for a view of “Infected per county” and see numbers for Sibenik Knin where Vodice is located)

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Covid-19 and the 2020 summer season

Like most others, we are eagerly awaiting our Croatia holiday this summer. Due to Covid-19, there is a high probability of travel restrictions and special hygiene measures that has to be implemented by hosts as ourselves. We expect that this will reduce the number of tourists on the beaches, the number of guests in restaurants etc. Still, we do not how extensive the restrictions will be and how this will impact our rental service.

So far, Croatia seems to be one of the European countries least affected by the pandemic when measuring the number of infected and the number of dead. Official figures per May 1. shows that the number of infected persons is just under 2100 and the number of dead is 69. When measured against the population, this is a somewhat lower figure when compared to most European countries. Croatian citizens have for a long time lived with quite strong measures, precisely because the country is so dependent on tourism and wants to be able to open up before the summer season. Nationally, they loosen their measures a bit from the next week on when the restaurants are allowed to welcome guests again. The Croatian authorities have said they will issue guidelines for the summer season around May 15. We will publish this info and send it to our guests as soon as we can.

We expect that rental services as ourselves must comply with a number of hygiene requirements. Since we have spacious apartments, a large plot, quite some distance between our villas and a good offer at each villa (pool, barbecue etc.), we hope that we are among those who are allowed to welcome some guests this season. But we do not know yet. It depends on both the guidelines of the local authorities, the travel restrictions national authorities in our guest’s home countries imposes and of course what the guests themselves feel comfortable with:-)

If you have booked at our place this summer, you must of course consider canceling your holiday early if that is necessary to get a refund for airfare or other travel expenses such as car rental fees. Still, we recommend waiting a bit longer if possible. We hope we know more about the summer season in just a couple of weeks, around May 15. Regardless of this, you can safely leave the reservation active without any financial risk. We will not demand any payment, cancellation fee or other financial compensation for any of our reservations this summer unless we know for certain that our guests have the opportunity to travel to Vodice and have chosen to do so.

Until we know more, we refer to the official information of the Ministry of Tourism in Croatia:


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