Map and Route guidance

City Map Vodice

The symbols (balloons) indicate the location of the apartments, the bus station located right in the city center and hotel Punta.

Arriving from the airport

When you arrive in Vodice you will drive the old coastal road, the Magistralah, the last part. It is highlighted in blue color on the map below. If you drive from Split, you get in from the south-east and you come from Zadar so you get in from the north-west.

The apartments have address Zatonska. The street starts from the Magistralah (see the drawn light blue stretching up the middle of the map). When arriving by car, drive up this street and then turn into a side road on the right side. The address is Zatonska UL 62. The apartments are located in the two houses where a bright blue circle is drawn.

Walk or cycle from the apartment to the center

If you want to walk or cycle to the city centre, you can take the same way back down, but we recommend that you use the green Road plotted on the map. The first part of this is gravel road, before it is paved further down. Please note that whichever way you take down the city centre, you must cross the main road, the Magistralah. Here it is important to take care of any children who are with you. Do not count on drivers stopping, so wait until there is a clear view in both directions before crossing over.

Go down as shown (green) and you will end up at the bus station right in the centre (green circle). If you want to see the city, restaurants and shops then walk along the harbour to the south-west from here. If you want to go to the beach, we recommend you go south-east instead. That way you can walk/cycled along the beaches several kilometers. The beaches of Croatia are rarely sandy, but usually “pebbles”. So it is here as well. Tips for cycling routes can be found here: PDF maps with bicycle routes

Food Stores

Should you shop for food then there are larger shops/supermarket where there are drawn into red circles. Good product selection all sites.