Happy New Year!

We are now opening our holiday homes for rent for the summer of 2021. The first shipments of vaccine against Covid-19 have started and we all hope the next summer will be slightly more normal than the summer has been the past year.

Much is still uncertain. Most of us do not know when we can be vaccinated and no one knows exactly what the infection situation will be like at the beginning of next summer. In this situation, we understand the difficulty in committing to a rental order.

If you book with us, we do not require any payment at the time of booking. We will reserve your desired apartment for the time period you request and await your final decision no later than right after the Easter holiday next year. If you at that point decide that you do not have the opportunity to travel, we will cancel the booking at no cost to you.

In any case, we will do everything we can to ensure our guests a safe stay in accordance with all advice and requirements the Croatian authorities address to private landlords.